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My Start In Flash Games

2009-04-12 22:07:04 by ShadowFist08

Hey All Readers!

Just wanted to post up a quick message about my time I have spent making my first ever flash game. I'll admit now that its... well simple.

I'm making a simple 2D flying shooter with an AS2.0 code which i have edited to fit my own game, I've also added a pre-loader to it ready for if I ever upload it.

I just want to add a health bar and point system to it so I have at least some point to the game, if anyone knows how to do any of this PM me.

Anyway that's about it for now if I ever make a half suitable game which wont get blamed within 3 secs I'll be happy and soon i'll post Bombing Run v 0.1 for comments and ultra-blamage!

Shadow Fist


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